Frequently asked questions about Freemasonry

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest secular, fraternal and charitable organizations. Made up of men from every race, religion, opinion, and background meeting in nearly every free country in the world. Freemasonry proposes to “make good men better” by teaching through metaphors and allagory values based on universal truths.

Is Freemasonry a secret society?

No, We are not, but lodge meetings, like those of many other groups, are private and open only to members. The rules and aims of Freemasonry are available to the public many posted on this site in fact. Meeting places are known and in many areas are used by the local community for activities other than Freemasonry. Members are encouraged to speak openly about Freemasonry.

It is said that Freemasonry is a “Society with secrets, not a secret society.”  Many believe the greatest secret to discover through Freemasonry, is discovering who you really are.

Is Masonry a Religion?

Masonry is not a religion!

Although Lodges open and close with a prayer and teach morality, it is not a church or a religion. Masonry does not have a theology or a dogma, it does not offer sacraments, and it does not offer the promise of salvation.

It is open to all men who believe in a Supreme Being, it is one of the few platforms where men of all faiths — Christians (including Catholics), Jews, Muslims, and men of every other faith, can come together. Religion is not discussed at Masonic meetings.

What are the time and/or financial commitments of being a Mason?

Becoming a Mason takes several months from the time you complete your petition until you have finished all three degrees.  Our lodge holds its first two degrees on Monday evenings, and the third degree Saturday mornings. Between each degree there is also some side work that amounts to a little bit of homework which will require you to meet up with an Instructor. Every member of the Fraternity has gone through this process and every member will be very willing to help you through the process.

Once you have completed the three degrees, we ask our members to attend the “Stated Communication,” or monthly meeting, although it is not required.

Beyond that, there are other activities going on: community service, family and social outings, etc.  We hope our members will participate in the events that their time allows. Its often heard “you get out of Freemasonry what you put into it.”

Cost: There are some costs involved, like initiation fees and dues. Which are outlined below.

What are the benefits of becoming a Mason?

There are numerous benefits to being a Mason, but they tend to be personal, and quite varied. The benefits can only be truly discovered by becoming a member. But we can try and give you an idea.

  • The opportunity to experience camaraderie and fellowship with men across the boundaries of age, race, religion, culture, and opinion.
  • Many find great value and knowledge in our ritual ceremony — it uses symbolism and metaphors to encourage and remind us to appreciate principles, ethics, and morality, and to live our lives accordingly.
  • Others find great satisfaction in our charitable efforts, community service, and the support we provide our members and their families.
  • Finally, for those who take on leadership positions within their lodge, they have the chance to develop or further very practical management skills.

Masonry doesn’t offer insurance, or any insides in business or legal matters.  If you think joining is going to make you rich, or get you a “get out of jail free card” you will be very disappointed.

How do I become a Freemason? Ask!

Short Answer:  Ask!

There has long been confusion about how to join the Fraternity. Does someone ask you? Do you ask?  Freemasonry asks its members not to “recruit”, so if you meet the requirements and want to join you must seek out a member and ask him to join.

The easiest way to get to know members and to see if the fraternity is right for you is to stop by before one of our meetings, sit down and talk to the brothers and go from there.


What it takes to join.

Are you a man?

Freemasonry is a fraternity for men.

While women can not become a Mason, the fraternity does have appendant groups for woman such as Order of the Eastern Star, Rainbow for girls, Jobs Daughters, and Daughters of the Nile.

Are you at least 18 years old?

In Florida, you must be a man of at least 18 years of age. In some areas the age requirement is 21.   If you are younger and still interested in becoming a Mason someday, look into The Order of Demolay. Which is a Masonic youth group for young men.

Do you believe in a supreme being?

While belief of a supreme being is necessary, we are not concerned with theological distinctions or your particular religious beliefs.  We have brothers from all religions and walks of life yet no atheist can become a Mason.

Is your decision to apply based on your own desire?

No one should compel you or pressure you to join. Your decision should be of your own accord because you have a favorable opinion of our fraternity.  If you are feeling pressured from a friend or family member and are unsure if its for you, then listen to your own feelings and decline.

Are you a good and moral man ?

While life is full of ups and downs and the term “good and moral man” is open to interpretation, we ask that you be a good citizen.  A background check is required for membership, and while past mistakes may not necessarily keep you from joining the most important thing is that you are honest.

Ready to join?

If you feel you meet all these requirements, and are still interested in joining then please feel free to contact us, or to stop by before one of our meetings. Get to know the brothers who can help you fill out a petition to join.


Frequently needed forms, including for membership

Petition for the Degrees

Certificate of Good Standing Request

Petition for Reinstatement

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